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  • Kisai - 15/12/2011

    re: ChattingnWith the voice chat… I just turn it off. In MMORPG’s I don’t join Raidcall/TeamSpeak/etc because I just don’t want to hear it. The text chat is something else.nWith the most recent game I’m playing, everyone tends to turn off the “global” channels because of the extreme rudeness, racist, sexist language being used by a small number of playe1 that jam up the chat.

  • jeffo1102 - 16/12/2011

    it looks good, but i think there is lot of chinas kung fu MMORPG i want MMORPG from japan (samurais), pls if u know any game with japan mythologi or with samurais pls write it to me (ps. sorry for my english)


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