Find Out – Historical Characters Edition

Find Out – Historical Characters Edition

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Find Out – Historical Characters Edition

Try to guess the name of the historical character and the corresponding country. The country is intended where the character lived and is famous for and not where he was born. Refer to the present countries (i.e. the country for an ancient roman emperor is Italy and not Rome). By clicking on a letter (lower part of the screen) that letter is chosen and, if present in the sentence, is added to the sentence (higher part of the screen): each correctly guessed consonant earns 7500 pts while choosing a vowel costs 25000 pts. A limited number of errors (initially 5) are given to the player and an extra error is gained when the sentence is cleared. If the player thinks the correct answer is known, the button “Solve” can be clicked: in “solve mode” the player must guess the correct letters (one by one) that form the sentence (the current letter to guess is indicated by a ? in the sentence). Each correctly guessed letter in “solve mode” (either vowel or consonant) earns 15000 pts. An error in “solve mode” results in the end of the game.

Game is completely controlled by mouse. Press +/- to enable/disable sound. Press ESC to quit to the main menu.

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  • Shadowlance - 16/01/2012

    I think they’re on the right track here. If they sell an expe1ive but truly incredible piece of kit, they build up VR, get the word out and can work on dropping the price in later iteratio1.nIf they aim for a lower price point with sub-standard hardware, they risk putting VR back to where it was in the 90s. People will think it’s crap and they’ll lose traction for the future.nThey’re looking at the long game here. Sure it’ll annoy lots of people, but I think VR will be better for it in the future.nNow having said that, I think they could have handled the price expectation a bit better…


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