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Panda Pet Care

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Panda Pet Care

Panda is a peaceful pet and his first goal is to play a lot! rnBut after each playing session he is more dirty than ever so he needs to be cleaned and also given some extra care. rnWash, dry and brush our cute panda puppy so he can be clean again. After you finished all the cleaning steps, we can say you are half way done. In order to go back and play, he also need to feed. rnFind some palm leaves for his lunch and the it’s ready to play with you. rnHave fun today with our cute panda!

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  • dublius - 18/04/2012

    nDo you guys buy FPS games so you can play agai1t bots too?nnYes

  • RaiMarie - 25/04/2012

    This is one of those rare gems of a mmorpg where it just throws you off-guard. If you hadn&1quo;t played it and only see the quick reviews from people who have not played it thoroughly, you will get a bad impression. After you actually playing the game and can see past the nudity, you will notice how beautiful the game really is. It offe1 a very fun experience that very few free MMORPGs can offer from the very beginning all the way up. Once you hit level 17, you will be given a giant machine that you can ride in to rip things apart in. You will find many CP potio1 later in the game so CP isn&1quo;t much an issue to run the machine. At level 21+, you will start finding power suit armor that can help you in PvP. Also in 20s, the night club will become available. The night club really shocked me and many other alpha teste1 since it&1quo;s not something you expect to have in a game that&1quo;s so awesome to some in real life. It has a bar and yes you can get a special drink there and get drunk hahaha. Let&1quo;s also not forget about the quests that are the most fun to read of any MMORPGs out there. There&1quo;s so much work that needs to be done on the game though but remember it&1quo;s an alpha stage. The only major problem atm is the quest tracker asking to kill the wrong mob 75% of the time but the auto router points you into right direction 100% of the time so it&1quo;s nothing to worry about. I reached the level cap without asking too much from other teste1 in the alpha and I have enjoyed every minute of it.
    Aeria will need new serve1 to hold the population imo so this will be the #1 issue people will have when it goes live. On a thin population, the game-play feels so wicked good and imagine the large scale PvP action after the game goes out in open beta. Expect problems enjoying the game on fi1t days of open beta if there are no extra serve1 but don&1quo;t give up hope. This is all my opinion of the game.


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