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New Underwater Memory

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  • Ben2998 - 03/05/2012

    You said it you1elf: “Sony has been doing this since ever and worked just fine for them.”nNintendo wanted to keep the Wii branding because it did very well six yea1 ago but naming it the Wii 2 would have make it seem underpowered (to the eyes of the co1umer) in front of any systems with a number in the title that is bigger than 2 and that includes both the PS4 AND the PS3 AND the Xbox 360.nThey could have done an Apple and called it the New Wii (like the iPad) but some co1ume1 who are used to Apple’s naming convention may have thought that the New Wii would have been a temporary thing until the next big thing.nAlso, they could have named it the “Wii Next”, “Wii Plus” or the “Wii Whatever” it wouldn’t have changed anything because the name “Wii” is still there and casual co1ume1 are used to buy accessories for the Wii (think Wii Balance Board, Wii Motion Plus, even Wii Remotes and Wii Nunchuks).nThere was no easy way to solve this and had to go with their guts. Either they named it Wii Something and just go with it or find an entirely different name and hope that this become a better brand than Wii.nTL;dr: They dug up a hole by wanting to keep the same brand name for a new system than the one they used to market accessories and there’s nothing that can change that mindset in a realistic timeframe for the to be really profitable.


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