Haven: Prelude

Haven: Prelude

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Haven: Prelude

This is a space real time tactics game with a central plot and minor role-playing elements. It focuses on a persistent fleet available to the player that grows as new ships are rescued and shrinks as ships are destroyed.

This game has quite a bit of back story, but most of them are not required to enjoy the game. Instead, those interested may read through the details in game elements.

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  • Farazar - 09/06/2012

    I used to play runescape. Now I don&1quo;t though. It seemed to have gotten boring, as I played when it had fi1t come out. The one even before runescape went 2.5D-ish, dunno what to call it xD. Tip : Once you go Membe1hip, then run out and don&1quo;t play with it, it becomes very boring, very fast. The new textures are epic, but some of the new content is a no from me.
    Fetizuna, Combat 129
    If my CPU wasn&1quo;t crap, I&1quo;d go Maplestory and make an Evan. I had one, but now my CPU can&1quo;t load it.


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