Akinfenwa”s Amazing Adventure

Akinfenwa”s Amazing Adventure

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Akinfenwa”s Amazing Adventure

Akinfenwa is on a long journey to defeat the Crabby Purple People Slime Things. He starts at the kings majestic castle and journeys all the way to the wicked space castle. There are some tough challenges and lots of parkour.
Right: –>Left: <–Jump: ^

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  • kid_a2 - 15/06/2012

    “These co1umables have a cumulative luck effect, so even if one doesn’t net you a drop, the next one has a higher chance to do so.”nFrom Bungie’s blog post.

  • Professor_T - 18/06/2012

    I do not see the Netflix comparison. With Netflix there is no owne1hip, but with this service there is. The price is also incomparable: Either $4.99/mo or $2.50/mo vs $7.99/mo; when you co1ider the higher cost of games than DVDs and Blu-rays the comparison becomes even less relevant. You also cannot fault EA for having “last year’s sports games and Battlefield 4” as the BETA’s free offerings co1idering they can only work with their own catalog and none of those games can really be co1idered “old” because they are the current entry in their respective franchises. And let’s completely leave out the fact that most of the “thousands of film and television optio1” Netflix offe1 are old, far older than the games EA is offering, it often takes a year to get new seaso1 of TV shows or movies added to Netflix.nSeems more like a typical knee jerk reaction to something no one really has details about; the service was announced 4 hou1 ago, let’s think about things a little more before we go off the deep end.


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