Kuizi Biologjia – Pjesa e shtatë

Kuizi Biologjia – Pjesa e shtatë

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Kuizi Biologjia – Pjesa e shtatë

Ky eshte nje kuiz nga Biologjia.Pjesa e shtatë poashtu permban 20 pyetje te ndryshme nga Biologjia.Pra testoni njohurite tuaja se sa dini rreth biologjise.Kuize nga Biologjia, teste nga biologjia, Biologjia teste online, luaj kuize nga Biologjia teste shqip, Biologjia, Biologjia online, luaj kuize nga Biologjia online, biologji kuiz, Teste dhe kuize shqip, Lojra shqip, kuize online shqip, Kuizi Biologjia pjesa e dyte, Biologjia online permbledhje, Enciklopedia biologjia, testet e matures, Matura shteterore teste, Biologji kuize online shqip, Kuize shqip online, kuize te ndryshme shqip, Luaj Kuize te ndryshme shqip, en

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  • demirian - 15/12/2012

    So.. what excites me more ? I just wanna say true.. Ok you can think why then i post anything if i have such opinnion but still. I hate anime-style art yeah i agree.. I rarely played any anime-style game, coz for me it&1quo;s hard i can&1quo;t take there too long. Last i played was Eden Eternal Online and i love it. So what that mean ? I think no many good games right now with Anime style this why most of ppl hate anime-style&1quo;s game. Just remember Ragnarok 2.. that was ( even can&1quo;t find words).
    Ok i know i should say excites.. i can lie you ( yeah i can) just say.. “Woooooow i love this coz this super Anime style, i am art-fan this game, wooow super NEW combat and i know we already have ton&1quo;s games with those combat , but still i am liar and lickspittle coz i want this Founder Pack and i gonna cry like baby, coz i am poor and i dont have good family, so for live i need some good game and i can&1quo;t forget about my bad live”… Yeah i say this ! or i just say TRUTH:
    I dont know what excites me most.. I really forgot when i played nice MMO this year was so bad for MMO and if you live in EU really no good MMO”s. I saw videos of this game and i like it, really dont know why, what i see in game, maybe i play 10 minuts and left, no1 knows.. But i just wanna play finally some good Action MMO, enjoy and be MMO NERD like old days.
    So thank you MMOBOMB and sorry for my bad English !) Only game&1quo;s help me learn new language but right now no good games and i forgot how to speak on English language))
    Bomb Away !

  • Jordan Fink - 15/12/2012

    Look back at the video when he kills the Supplicant right before he shoots at Atheon. It is level 30. Supplicants in the normal iteration of the Vault are level 26. Nice try though.


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