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  • Marakeh - 24/01/2013

    Wonder when will they follow up with Shadow Dancer, in January the massive rework and update patch will include three 2nd awakenings, I doubt they would release male mage&1quo;s 2nd awakenings before thief.

  • Feld - 30/01/2013

    Sup bro.
    I&1quo;m brazilian. And I can afford and awesome game rig. There&1quo;s no game out that I couldn&1quo;t play on HQ graphics &1quo;till this day. And EVERY gamer I know here also can.
    Of cou1e there are many people like you who think that everyone in Brazil is poor as f** and can&1quo;t afford an ejoyable life. But you&1quo;re wrong. Although THERE ARE many, many poor people in Brazil (every country does), the quality of life is great to many of the population.
    A whole country is not made of a fake impression.
    AND, I agree that there are many, many, MANY noobs, trolls, stupid, childish brazilian game1. And sometimes I&1quo;m even ashamed of saying I&1quo;m brazilian when I&1quo;m playing some MMO.
    But no, it&1quo;s not everyone.


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