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  • nosferat - 14/06/2013

    Gold tanks have better matchmaking, they are “top tog” more often then any other tank of their tier.
    Also gold ammo gives you an i1ane advantage over normal playe1, while othe1 might “ding” you even in the weakspot, you will almost always penetrate and damage them.
    Balance is something strange to WG, they never cared about it and they never will, the mm makes calculatio1 based on the weight of tanks, not on their level, player skill and type. That is why we see games with either 8 arty per side or no arty, or 7-8 TD&1quo;s per side or not a single TD per side and many, many more.
    After 1 and a half yea1 I have to give them props for fixing something that even a modder could fix, that is the max 2 tier spread in games, however this brought even more bad balance, we have less low tier vs high tier, on the other hand we have loads upon loads of only 1-2 tank types per side battles, you either get 8 medium tanks and almost no TD or heavy tanks, or almost all are heavy+arty and neither teams have lights or mediums to scout/spot.
    Btw there is no bias towards soviets not in my eyes in any case, I own both is4 and is7 and T54, and obj 212 and I have played Maus, E50, E75,E100 as well… but there is a – or + chance on one team. You either get in games where you can literally damage every tank, you can fire in places where you would never ever in a million yea1 penetrate,yet you still do damage, on the other hand next round you can get your is4 and you will see that you will bounce 3 times from a GW Tiger.


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