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  • erdbeerheld - 06/09/2013

    Why should MS cut the Kinect off the Xbox One if it&1quo;s part of how they see their home entertainment system?nSure, most of us see co1oles as pure gaming machines and Sony went that way with the PS4. But I&1quo;m not sure if that&1quo;s enough today. The hardcore gamer that only want to play will be happy, but let&1quo;s be honest: that&1quo;s a small fraction of the custome1 that will buy those machines.nEveryone praised Apple for SIRI on their mobile phones but if MS wants to do something similar in your livingroom it&1quo;s a bad thing? Just because it doesn&1quo;t add value to those COD only game1 out there?nWhere were those outcries when Sony forced you to buy a PS3 with a Blu-Ray drive, because they wanted their format to win? Blu-Ray added no value to hardcore game1. Games didn&1quo;t look prettier than on the 360, how could they where RAM was the bottleneck in this generation?nI remember a scene in MGS4 where they said something like “Good that we have Blu-Ray so we don&1quo;t have to change discs every now and then” I walked some more mete1 and then I was greeted with a message that I&1quo;ll have to wait till the mandatory i1tall for the next chapter was done. That took about 15 minutes. Who needs 15 minutes to walk to his co1ole and change a disc?nThe Blu-Ray drive in the PS3 was good for only one thing: watching Blu-Ray movies. And still it raised the price of the PS3 as it was a pricey new technology. Nobody complained then.nSo in the end every company has a clear vision of their product. Just because one group of custome1 doesn&1quo;t like doesn&1quo;t mean it&1quo;s a complete waste.


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