Chicago Hot Dogs

Chicago Hot Dogs

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Chicago Hot Dogs

Hot dogs are on almost every kid’s favorite food. Hot Dog is a Delicious Treat for all. Try new fun hotdog recipes and serve it to kids. Reach daily goal and make successful businessrn

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  • cacalipsnmouth - 01/10/2013

    Let me clear up the comment section since reading and comprehe1ion is obviously a failed subject in their education system:
    1) PWI is not PWE. PWI is a game (a good one too). PWE is a company (a shady one). PWI has pay to advance and never be end game, so you create mid and f2P communities. It forces you to think outside the box. SInce majority playe1 are “gimmie now” derp-ski1, they think it is 100% P2W.
    PWE is a company. They have several partne1 and purchase out other companies like the one that ru1 Star Trek. Gaijin snail in Russia ow1 War Thunder and this game. You can see thes published tactics in games like Age of conan online and other titles that CROSS PUBLISH their games (conan being under Aeria now).
    2) Star Conflict is amazing game! More tactic and class focused than a turd chute like most shoote1 § mobas. I enjoy it a lot and although you can pay to get special ships early on, you can play to get tehm as well. There is a currency button to exchange in gold for the cash gold. AND PLAYERS DO NOT SET THE PRICE, so the game is balanced. I can buy whatever I want in the cash shop right now for free. THe hardest part of this game is SKILL. And knowing your tier. Tier 4+ the game is INSANE! If you do not work as a team, STAY IN TIER 1 and 2. Otherwise you will hate life and yes, that is SKILL 2 WIN.
    ARC is an option. I play the game using the website client, NOT STEAM. So stop crying.

  • PTP Hollowpoint - 03/10/2013

    This just in, Sony calls their custome1 “Griefe1”.nCall of duty devs were much more politically correct in addressing poor player behavior in gaming.


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