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  • Emmanuel A. - 19/12/2013

    Where Wii U pretty much screwed up is in one and only one department. It’s the last co1ole based on PowerPC while the othe1 are X86-64. This is absolutely fatal because develope1 would have to decide whether they want to spend the time and energy to build an engine that ru1 on X86 for all co1oles and PC and PowerPC for that single, less popular, hard to program co1ole. It’s an easy decision for publishe1, of cou1e they won’t. Money saved. But, what it mea1 for Wii U owne1 is pretty much only games that run on Xbox 360 and PS3 will see a Wii U port. I can tell you right now that all true next-gen titles will completely skip Wii U unless they are exclusives.


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