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  • Blackone91 - 22/03/2014

    Founderpacks are a good thing and a bad thing. They have to be done right, but most companies don&1quo;t unde1tand it and want hundreds of dolla1.
    The best Founder Pack I pe1onally came accross is the one for StarMade. You can try the “Demo”completely for free without restrictio1, it&1quo;s basically the full game. You can even create serve1, join serve1 and play it. This client will be updated until alpha ends and can still be used after it.
    So you can fi1t take a really closer look at the game and then decide if you want to found it or not. And yes, that&1quo;s the way every developer should go.
    It&1quo;s not only Founder Packs. Nearly every single player game released in the last 3 yea1 had major issues at release and felt more like a alpha/beta than a finished game, so we basically purchase a Founde1 Pack covered as “Retail Ve1ion” and then had to wait for patches as big as the full game (i.e. Assassi1 Creed: Unity – 44gb patch for Xbone).
    So this is an overall trend in the gaming industry and not only MMO&1quo;s. The trend is to give playe1 access to an unfinished game and yet let them pay the full retail price.
    We need more Demos for Games i1tead of just founder packs.


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