Stick Santa in Trouble

Stick Santa in Trouble

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Stick Santa in Trouble

Stick Santa is chased by some Monsters and the only thing he can do is keep running around and try to kill them without weapons. Santa will keep running, and to kill the monsters you will have to jump on them, but pay attention, some of them are stronger than others and they will survive at the first jump.rn

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  • Seattle_Gamer - 30/07/2014

    I agree Sony got me hooked with 1st party and mlb the show. Now like goonie and Wong said they have some OK I ones like infamous and untildawn. 3 great with the show being a yearly sports title , uncharted , and blood borne was pretty good. I think naughty dog told them to chill out and deal with it being delayed so they can make sure the game was as great as it was. This is not a good sign, no beta? that is screaming good lets try to get all the sales we can before people notice our game sucks. The virtual reality, PS4 .5 and the heavy lead really made Sony very greedy. PlayStation Plus sucks now Xbox is pretty good. I live in Washington and I do you like Xbox I have one but I still chose the PlayStation 4 over it at fi1t. They keep being greedy I’m going for the new Xbox fi1t next time


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