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  • Jimz - 15/08/2014

    1. Do you really want this random German hacker to work at your company with any chance of a breach which more than likely is high.
    2. Do you really want to encourage this type of thing rewarding him with a job would just create more of him.

  • lee.brady.of.the.pidgeys - 16/08/2014

    Unde1tandable, I suppose. I wanted to play the game with Hand Canno1 as much as possible, but Crucible basically forces you into Auto Rifles. Balancing would give a wider selection of what can be used, and I’m for that.nI’m surprisingly enjoying Destiny! I got it because I just wanted a new game, but it’s basically the only game I’m still playing co1istently. I’ve never had any server issues, glitches or random kicks and its got that addictive endgame that keeps me coming back. Plus strikes with friends are just the best.nI thought I’d just hand in my opinion on this update, plus a general positive comment about the game, since comments are almost always bashing it.


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