Park My Big Truck

Park My Big Truck

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Park My Big Truck

Enjoy your time at the steering wheel in this truck parking game as you will need to make sure that these big vehicles will fit snugly into the tight parking spots where you will need to place them in.rnUse the arrow keys to drive and steer, Space for the handbrake.

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  • Frogacuda - 02/03/2015

    Oculus Touch puts the Rift at rough parity. Room scale will need to be calibrated per game with Rift, and the tracking volume is slightly smaller (about 11×11 feet i1tead of 15×15, plenty for most people). It’s nice that Vive is getting this feature out of the box, but it comes at a cost. The Vive’s lineup doesn’t have as many polished “full-fledged,” games as the Rift does, and its games seemed to be designed for shorter plays (partly a limit of a format where you have to be on your feet).nI think room-scale games are going to get better and better, but aside from a couple (The Gallery, maybe Hover Junke1) I don’t see much I need to play in the next few months. I’m inclined to side with Rift just because of Valve’s exclusivity games they’re playing by not letting Vive use1 use the Oculus store, and because I want the larger library.


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