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  • Mrhabs - 04/03/2015

    I had an entirely different experience with FF14 than apparently other people have. The title doesn’t offer to1 of content in fact the game is very linear and small. ESO trumps FF14 in size and scope and by far. The world in FF14 isn’t an open world. One of the fi1t things I do in a new MMO is to simply see if I can jump off a cliff and kill myself.. In FF14? Nope. There are far too many attractio1 that are blocked off by a velvet rope. There is no amount of dying that make you stand out from anyone else in the game. Towards end game everyone ends up looking exactly the same. And the same goes with combat. People end up following the same “trees” and end up using the exact same builds. Individualism is not one of FF14’s strong points. While in ESO the game oozes individualism.


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