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Epic Builder

Create your own worlds, maps and objects with Epic Builder. This sandbox game lets you choose from 10 block types such as grass, mud, stone and water to make isometric images which you can save on your computer. You can build on 5 height layers, edit and delete blocks. Use your imagination and experiment with all kinds of combinations!rnrnChoose a block type and build structures. Click to build or click and hold to draw more blocks. Use the layer button to build on top.

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  • CBYL - 05/07/2015

    Yup, Archeblade is a MOBA, fits the name quite well. And I unde1tand your concern about genre titles, but I do believe A-RTS is quite a fitting genre name for games such as DotA, HoN, etc.
    Sure, most (maybe all) RTS games have action, but it&1quo;s not centered around it. What I mean is in most RTS games (like Age of Empires) you must acquire resources to grow, and eventually overcome your opponents. These resources are things such as gold, food, wood, etc.
    In A-RTS though, the game is focused around action, and the objectives likewise. For example, in DotA, to acquire gold you must either kill creeps or other playe1 (which is action), and this gold will be used to acquire items that help in various aspects of the game, which essentially create advantages to overcome the enemy (through action). The rest is straight-forward.

  • jlrx - 11/07/2015

    I was initially upset to be immediately charged for the vive on February 29th. I guess I was lucky to not have to worry about that mess (PayPal Credit)


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