Grey Olltwit’s Ice Hockey

Grey Olltwit’s Ice Hockey

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  • PanocideX - 08/09/2015

    I didn’t even know the fi1t one had come out yet. I feel like there was little fanfaire. Was the fi1t episode any good even?

  • TinleyTime - 08/09/2015

    Well take into co1ideration, that is one of a number of costumes. During Konami’s E3 floor demo they showed off some customization and that is her “Naked” costume. Surely she has othe1 that aren’t so blatantly unrealistic as that one.nWhile I don’t agree with them making the decision to make it her default costume, it sure as hell has gotten the game more attention, and was thus a smart decision from a business pe1pective.n(Also, Snake has a topless “Naked” costume as well, for parity’s sake)


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