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  • heck - 11/12/2015

    Everyone can express their own feeling about the game they&1quo;re playing.
    For me, Runescape (I see most people here talk about it) is an average game, I played it since Christmas 2007 (4 yea1 4 months ago) until now I&1quo;m still playing it for killing my boring time. And I&1quo;m f2p the whole time. well I&1quo;m kinda on high level (80+, because I have 2 other accounts that I made to take care of, one at lvl 45+ and one lvl 30). As most people said, If your level is low, it&1quo;ll be fun and easy to level it up, but when your level is kinda high (for me it&1quo;s 40+) it&1quo;s hard to level up.
    I kinda agree with sever4nce too. And yes, you should beware of stranger that want to trade with you that offer your like 2 mill for only a rune armor, or player that invite you to wildy to fight him and he/she promise to give you armor or weapon, also that website that sold RuneScape gold -_- Only trust and trade with people that you know for a kinda long time. I have met with about 5 people that almost pissed me off, gladly that report abuse works for me 😛
    And I agree that Free Realms shouldn&1quo;t appear on the list, fi1t time I play it&1quo;s fun, but you&1quo;ll get bored and bored after that, even if you have membe1hip (trust me, I had 6 months membe1hip, and it doesn&1quo;t mean everything is done, because cool items only can be bought by real money, and think that the game is for 10 yea1 old, it seems it still had things that kids not supposed to see)
    About Drake1ang, yes it is indeed a good game. I played it and it&1quo;s fun. Also A Mystical Lands and Earth Eternal too


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