Love Date Dressup

Love Date Dressup

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Love Date Dressup

In this game for girls you have to complete a task quite complicated. You need to make this beautiful lady to look gorgeous for the first meeting with her boyfriend. rnThe two lovers are not known for a long time, that’s why she wants to leave a pleasant impression of her lover. Need to makeup, to hair style, to select the most suitable clothes and accessories. rnAlso do not forget the shoes, it is very important to be the most suitable shoes for the clothing choice.rnWe wish you good luck.

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  • fujisawa san - 11/02/2016

    From a hardcore anime fan&1quo;s pe1pective, this game looks intriguing. Makes me want to pick up the fi1t two before it drops.

  • klyith - 15/02/2016

    Giant battles are a very different thing from the esporks-style tournaments that Eve has been doing for a few yea1 now. In a 5vs5 or 12vs12 match with rules and a point-buy system, each pilot is critically important and talent plays a big part to be the victor. And these tournaments aren’t separate from the game just because they aren’t the clash-of-empires that are the only thing an outsider ever hea1 about Eve.nAre they fun for an outsider? I think they could be, sure there’s a lot of terminology and depth to the various ways ships shoot, heal, or whatnot — but no moreso than Dota or SC2. Their main obstacle is they don’t have the production resources that a big esporks player like Riot, Blizzard, or Valve can bring to bear. So it’s always just a big janky, the commentary isn’t as good, etc. Secondly the small gang fights don’t map well to a 2d screen. If they could do the Dota2 trick of watching the play i1ide an actual client with independent camera control it would be sick.nThe ‘real’ battles, as you say, can be paint-drying boring even for the people fighting them in real time. Not a great spectator event, but CCP has recently been doing some ‘news’ videos that highlight real player events rather than their in-game NPC lore events. A big recap story showing how a battle or war progressed could be fun.

  • Jo - 15/02/2016

    why even claim a key if you don&1quo;t want it?…..


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