Double Freecell Solitaire

Double Freecell Solitaire

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Double Freecell Solitaire

Handle the double gracefully to enjoy the doubled fun! Your goal in this game is to move the cards to the foundations by suit from A to K, then start from A again, until all cards are moved to the foundations. 2 decks of standard playing cards will be used, making a total of 104 cards. When the game starts, 4 of the Ace cards will be dealt to the foundations at the top right corner of the screen, while each of the 10 tableau piles will be dealt 10 face up cards. 6 empty reserve cells are located at the top left corner of the screen. Cards on the tableau piles are to be built down in alternating colors, for example, a 6 of hearts can be moved to the top of a 7 of spades or a 7 of clubs. Each time you can click and drag 1 card to another tableau pile, an empty reserve cell, or the foundations. Note that each of the reserve cells can only hold 1 card, while an empty tableau pile can only be occupied by a King. 500 points will be awarded for each card successfully moved to the foundation. If you are not satisfied with the current progress, you can click the Give Up button at the bottom of the screen to quit the current game. Careful planning and wise strategies are the keys to come out victorious from the mind-blowing maze of cards!

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  • Darkong - 13/03/2016

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