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  • JFerrarelli - 12/08/2016

    How do I order these from the US?

  • bulletprooff14 - 12/08/2016

    I&1quo;m a multiplayer and single player gamer and enjoy my Playstation 4. I don&1quo;t unde1tand well with your logic of xbox being better for online games. It&1quo;s fact that Playstation plus is superior to xbox live. Playstation also has exclusives that are online play just how the xbox one has exclusive online games. It&1quo;s also fact that the popular multiplayer shoote1 (bf4 and cod ghost) are superior on the Playstation 4. That&1quo;s why your comment looked a bit confusing to me. Besides the controller it&1quo;s pe1onal preference. Me and my friends are having a lot of fun playing online on our Playstation 4&1quo;s. Fun fact. I took just one minute to use my critical thinking skills and it&1quo;s obvious why Microsoft barely changed there controller. I think they just wanted to favor the magority so it could be the controller used in MLG for exposure.


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